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Adobe Lightroom 4 and Photoshop Touch

Adobe presents a new photo management tool version. It is Adobe Lightroom 4. It costs about 150 $. I think it is good price for this product. Olso Adobe present a new Photoshop Touch for iPad 2. 

Digital Photography Composition

Over the years were published many composition tips for photographers. Here are a selection of some of the more popular compositions I think.

Photos at night

Often at night we can see a lot of beautiful views, if it be the clear sky, or a lake, which is reflected in the moonlight, or a very large quantity of lights lit the city. Equally, we often want to capture the camera, but when you try to do this are often faced with a bunch of problems. Night photography requires gotten some sophistication in the technical field, and understanding that what you are doing - at night, all you have to do specifically. A few tips of how to deal with the camera at night.